Health & safety as the number one priority

As a reputed and certified company, Multiflex Facility Services recognises its duty to make regular assessment of the hazards and risks created in the course of our business. We take action to continually improve our health and safety performance through our Occupational Health and Safety Management System that meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

We are also supported through leading independent consultancy companies who provides guidance and up to date advice on any regulation changes ensuring that we remain well informed at all times.

We ensure that all of our practices are within safety guidelines, and we constantly perform activities to minimise the risk of accidents, including risk assessments, frequent general inspections and on-site inspections, safety training, and incident investigation.

Our safety programmes encourage our employees to take active care and personal responsibility for their actions within their service roles, to be diligent at all times, and to speak out on the matter to help improve the health and safety for themselves and others around them. This helps to ensure best practise, and to develop new safety methods in environments that are constantly changing.

Health and safety are not a choice but a responsibility, and by continual observance and safety monitoring we maintain an excellent track record for the good of everyone.

Click here to download a copy of our health and safety policy statement.