Adapting our quality control systems for the healthcare sector.

With Multiflex Facility Services focus on innovation and technology, we've built our quality control systems from the ground up to be fully customizable for every client. Our management team, individually assess and establish our client's needs in accordance with our audit program. This process is repeated for each site to digitally map every location with criteria specific to each area.

In the case of the healthcare sector, however, clients often have very distinct requirements for their commercial cleaning services and in the matter of a non-conformance event in the service provided, lives can hang in the balance.

Quality Control Audits Score

For our Healthcare clients, Multiflex Facility Services was presented with a number of unique challenges.

By default, our quality control audits score each of our performance criteria a grade out of 10 as a general indication of service outcome. This, in addition to accompanying photos and inspector annotations, serves to deliver transparency in regards to the quality of service a client receives from Multiflex Facility Services and our clever software allows our team to identify and respond to any issues that might arise from the result of an inspection.

While we hold our personnel to a high standard for every client, in the healthcare industry where hygiene and sanitation are critical concerns, a sliding scale is not appropriate - the site is either satisfactorily clean and sanitized or it is not.

To reflect this requirement within our quality assurance system, and in collaboration with our clients, Multiflex Facility Services engineered a system encompassing our administration, mobility and reporting platforms to adopt a successful approach to the auditing process with tighter controls and a very strict threshold for service compliance.