Multiflex Facility Services is reliable facility management company in Melbourne. Our professional and passionate people are our key asset.

Over the years we have worked hard to create a caring culture whereby people joining our family business aspire to have a real feeling of value, pride, and self-respect in what they do.

We have a talented, experienced, and passionate team of people, unquestionably committed to service excellence with a proven history and reputation of successfully delivering to some of the biggest blue-chip names in Australia.

As highlighted on the About Us page Multiflex Facility Services are recognized and feel passionate about providing our staff with the best possible wages and career opportunities. We have developed a number of cleaners into Area Supervisors/Managers and truly believe in providing an opportunity for people to grow and shine. We believe that if we can promote our own people the ethos of the business around service excellence will naturally continue.

Our passion for service excellence means that our senior management and directors would regularly visit your buildings both during and out of normal hours to ensure that standards were being met to your full satisfaction. We do not believe in sitting in ivory towers or offices, we want to see our staff and customers as much as possible and develop strong relationships with all stakeholders.