Multiflex Facility Services is one of the leading office cleaning service contractor in Melbourne. Contact us today and we'll assist you on your projects!

To reflect this, the services we provide are created on an individual basis, to meet these demands and help steer businesses towards their goals with pin-point accuracy. By using our experience with commercial cleaning services and by adhering to our own values, we are able to act as a true partner to our customers and meet high demands while providing important cultural support which is so important for business in the City.

With a primary focus on businesses within Melbourne, Multiflex Facility Services provide professional business services for the financial and legal sectors, including blue chip companies, hospitality services for hotels and the leisure sector, retail services for shopping centres and retailers, public services for government departments and council offices, and services for individual professionals such as managing agents.

Sectors, Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne


We service everything from small business to high-rise Buildings


Engineering, food production, cosmetic and electric facilities are a few of the manufacturing organizations we expertly maintain.


Our services to Government are defined by the following characteristics - our ability to deliver, our experience in compliance and our commitment to delivering consistent standards.


Multiflex successfully meets the complex requirements and stringent infection control needs of our many clients within the healthcare industry.


We are acutely conscious of the unique requirements involved with cleaning and maintaining education facilities.


Multiflex is trusted to clean shopping centers and retail outlets of every size across the country.


We have the experience, resources and experienced management team in place to successfully manage large and complex events.