For many businesses, administration and support functions are a drain on their time and resources. Whilst these tasks need to be done, why not leave them to an expert, who can combine them with services you currently outsource, to provide the best value.

Manning your reception desk, providing a concierge service or delivering mail are all services that can be provided by Multiflex Facility Services. These activities are essential to keep your business operating, but they don't need to be delivered by your own staff.

We can eliminate your administrative burden by providing skilled employees who deliver a rigorous level of accountability and reliable task performance. This frees up time to focus on your core business activities.

In many cases, we can combine these services with other activities we already deliver for you. For example, many of our security teams in commercial high-rise buildings act as the first friendly face of the facility, directing visitors, dealing with contractors, directing couriers. We can easily extend this to other services at a lower cost than you employing somebody direct.

If you are already a customer of Multiflex Facility Services, talk to our friendly staff about how else we can give you value. Otherwise, get in touch with our Facility Management team to discuss your unique needs and we can work with you to build a solution.