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As such, Multiflex Facility Services understands that long term business success is closely linked to corporate responsibility and sustainable development. By setting high social, environmental and ethical standards, MULTIFLEX FACILITY SERVICES is paving the way for profitable growth and, at the same time, demonstrating leadership within the industry.

Multiflex Facility Services does not measure its success only in financial terms. Multiflex Facility Services fulfils its responsibilities and creates value for all key stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, employees, business partners and the community.

The environment is top of our interests and we employ a range of methods to minimise our environmental impact. With the help of technological innovation, we are continuing to improve our practices to make the environment a better place for future generations.

We provide recycling programs for our customers, use a range of recycled and environmentally friendly consumables, use green cleaning products and provide training to all of our colleagues. This helps ourselves and our customers to reduce their impact and nurture all that is good for environmental prosperity.

As part of our promise to reduce environmental harm through our business practices, we use AGAR products on our cleaning contracts where ever possible.


We endeavour to realise our employees’ full potential by treating them fairly and with respect, offering them work and training, and safeguarding their health, safety and wellbeing. Generally, this improves quality and productivity, as well as enhancing employee job satisfaction and loyalty. Managing people effectively is therefore a core priority at Multiflex Facility Services; trained and highly motivated employees are our primary resource. As such we aim to be the preferred employer in our industry and care about our employees’ conditions.

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For Multiflex Facility Services, treading lightly is an acknowledgement that as people and companies, we all contribute to the state of the Earth. For us, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning substances, modern tools and processes, and reduced water consumption involves taking responsibility for our planet. But they also create value for our customers and give both our employees and customers healthier, safer and more pleasant working environments.

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