Why Choose Multiflex Facility Services as your Cleaning Services Provider?

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Why Choose Multiflex Facility Services as your Cleaning Services Provider?

One key factor in having a suitable work environment is making sure that it is clean and pristine. Every nook and cranny must be swept, wiped, and disinfected. In this time of the pandemic, you can never be too careful with all surfaces you come in contact with. Thankfully, there are commercial cleaning services to help you out.

Take note that your office is a place you go to every day. You cannot just leave it dirty and unattended. This goes without saying that you should keep your office free from germs and disease-carrying viruses. Doing so creates a healthy work environment. If you need your office cleaned, Multiflex Facility Services is the one for the job.

Let Professional Cleaners Handle the Cleaning

A lot of times, companies hire cleaning services to tidy up their offices and facilities for them. Companies are too busy to get cleaners of their own, and it is more efficient to get a service provider to do the work for them.

There are many office cleaning service providers in Melbourne today. Most of these offer Strata cleaning and maintenance. With Multiflex Facility Services, you can be sure that your space gets all that and more. We offer services with the highest standard. When you work with us, you can expect only the best cleaning your office deserves. We make sure to leave no missed spot and no blurry window.

Why Multiflex Facility Services

The kinds of companies are those that embrace their roots as they move forward to the future. Starting as a small family-run business in Melbourne, we understand this very well. Established in 2008, our company stepped up to fill the commercial sector’s need for a more comprehensive and professional cleaning service.

We have grown to become one of the leading facility service companies in Australia from our humble beginnings. Multiflex Facility Services has gone through so much over the years, and that made us the company we are today. We understand that there is a need for commercial cleaning services, and we are here to provide you with just that.


Our team takes pride in what we do. We know that our service is valuable to the corporate world. Without people like us, it would be hard to keep office spaces and facilities in good condition.

Here at Multiflex Facility Services, we are built on passion. We are committed to provide quality service to our customers and build a lasting relationship with them. We also believe that at the centre of our service is our people who give their heart into what they do. They understand that this service would not be a success without the presence of human touch.


Rome was not built in a day; the same thing goes for us. Our success as a company did not come overnight. It took us years of proving our service to our customers and calibrating ourselves to meet the highest of standards.

Our team consists of experts and trained professionals that, together, have been in the industry for sixty-five years. From our start in Melbourne, we have established our name and now hold a reputation for being committed to offering quality service. Over the years, we’ve come to understand the needs of our clients and continue to better ourselves for them. At Multiflex Facility Services, we are strengthened by our experience.


Mediocrity is not something we believe in. We only want the best for our clients, that’s why we only offer the best. We understand that people work best when they are in area where they are safest. So, we provide that safety for them. It would take up so many resources and effort for a company to have their own cleaning team.

That is why it’s best to let the experts do the cleaning. We offer all kinds of cleaning services:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • High Pressure cleaning
  • Waste removal

We offer all these and more. We make sure to provide whatever our clients need. We understand that each client is different, so we personalise each service to what they require. At Multiflex Facility Services, we’ve perfected service.

We also know that the best way to build a relationship is by communication. We make sure our clients can talk to us. We want to hear their feedback, their requests, and their satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our clients with a service they’ll come running back to.


Our company would be nothing without our team. They are the ones that keep us alive. So, it is our duty to keep them safe. We are a family here at Multiflex Facility Services. We make it a habit to treat our employees fairly and respectfully. We want them to grow with us, so we offer them training and prioritise their safety and wellbeing. By showing our appreciation, we get loyalty in return.

We also understand our duty to the planet. Our team makes use of products and tools that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Because at Multiflex Facility Services, we always care.

There are several commercial cleaning services in Melbourne, but there is only one Multiflex Facility Services. Call us at 1300 211 277 for a spotless office cleaning service in Melbourne.

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